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Luxury at night – sleep like a king!

Our skins mirrors the sensations we feel: a cool breeze, pleasant warmth and a gentle touch – our largest sense organ is extremely sensitive and it won’t take bribes. It reveals a great deal about our well-being. Our skin needs to breathe day and night, so we have made sure it can. Refreshing sleep, the most important period for recharging and recuperating, depends to a large extent upon the bedding you choose. It’s a determining factor in your quality of life.

Schlossberg Switzerland’s premium duvets are unique: they engage in a delicate dialogue with your body and change noticeably according to the sleep phase you are in – absolute luxury. The bedding acts like a second skin to cool you or warm you just when you need it; an elegant cover filled with the finest down or exclusive fibre innovations.

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Product finder

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